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As residents of Long Beach, if for whatever reason you choose to rent a home rather than buy, you should not have to trade off the enjoyment of your home and lifestyle just because you’re renting. Kolsky Realty & Management Company has developed a strong business as a Long Beach rental property management resource because we consider our tenants as important customers deserving of top-level rental property tenant services.

While we need property owners and high-quality homes in our inventory, they’re just half of the big picture. Without quality tenants, we couldn’t continue to command a top-level position in Long Beach rental property management. You’re important to us and to our property owners, and we prove it with services designed to make your time with us both satisfying and free of property management and maintenance stress.

Our Services

Rental Homes Payment Procedures

We understand the busy lifestyle we’re all faced with today. We’re working hard and time for enjoyment is shrinking. Paying bills is a hassle, and we do our best to make payment of your rent less of a hassle. Our rent payment policies are clearly spelled out and provide you with hassle–free payment methods and clearly–defined timelines.

Always Online

We know you’re busy, and when you’re at home and a problem pops up, maybe one of those pesky maintenance issues we all face in the home, we want you to be able to bring it to our attention whenever it’s discovered. That’s why you can submit maintenance requests online at any time, 24/7. We also want you to know that we’ve received your maintenance request and we’re resolving the problem.

Maintenance & Repairs

When there’s a maintenance or other issue, we jump on it with our own staff as well as any necessary contractors and service companies we need to resolve the problem. We work with some of the very best electrical, plumbing, structural, and general repair contractors in Long Beach areas. You have enough to deal with in your everyday life, so let us deal with your home maintenance problems.

Rent Credits for Referred Tenants

If you’re enjoying living in one of Spellens Realty’s Long Beach rental properties, tell your friends and let them have a chance to reside in one of our top quality properties. If you do, we’ll reward you! Check here for our current rent credit rewards program.

We value our Long Beach rental property tenants. You’ll find that we have the best rental homes and tenant services. Give us a call.


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